People are dependent on smart technology these {times|days antd nights} especially to adapt digitalisation. After demonetisation, companies have been introducing smartphones at a cheaper price so that {no-one|no person} remains {not aware|ignorant|uninformed} of to the {smart|sensible} technology.
Lenovo is known {because of its|due to its|due to the} various smart technology companies gadgets. The company is now offering a range of its {mobile phones|cell phones|touch screen phones}, tablets, laptops, and even virtual reality products at good deals on {web commerce|ecommerce|elektronischer geschäftsverkehr} site Flipkart as part of its “Lenovo {Times|Days and nights} Sale”. The sale {began|started out} on Tuesday and will end on Wednesday.
Lenovo K6 Power (3GB RAM/32GB built-in storage) is {presently|at present|at the moment} being offered on the website at Rs. {eight|almost eight|almost 8}, 999 {for less|for cheap} worth Rs 1000. Further, the company is also offering up to Rs. 8, five-hundred off on {the unit|the product|these devices} as part of the exchange offer. The 4GB {version|alternative} of the smartphone is being offered at Rs. 9, 999, and {an extra|yet another|one more} discount up to Rs. 9, 000 can be availed as a part of the exchange offer.

As part of the sale, Lenovo P2 (3GB RAM/32GB built-in storage) is currently available at Rs. 13, 999 (usually {charging|priced at|being} Rs. 16, 999) while Lenovo P2 (4GB RAM/32GB built-in storage) is being offered by Rs. 12-15, 999 (usually priced at Rs. 17, 999) on the website. With exchange offers, the website is currently offering up to Rs. 13, 000 off on the 3GB {version|alternative} of Lenovo P2 and up to Rs. 12-15, 000 off on the 4GB variant.
The 3 memory/ storage variants of Lenovo K5 Note, i. e. 4GB RAM/ 32GB inbuilt storage, 4GB RAM/ 32GB inbuilt storage, and 3GB RAM/ 32GB {built-in|integrated|built in} storage, are available at Rs. 12, 499, Rs. 11, 499, and Rs. 10, 999 respectively with a discount of Rs. 1, 000 on each. Moreover, the devices are available with exchange offer discounts of Rs. {eleven|10|14}, 500, Rs. 10, five-hundred, and Rs. 10, {500|1000} respectively as well.
The Lenovo Phab gets a Rs. 2, 000 discount. The Lenovo Phab 2 and Phab 2 {In addition|As well as|Additionally} get Rs. 1, {500|1000} discounts, {or more|or over} to Rs. 9, 000 off on exchange offer.
Lenovo is offering a Rs. 2, 000 discount on {the|their|it is} Phab 2 Pro {mobile phone|smart phone|touch screen phone} (64GB model), which is currently available at Rs. 27, 990.
Interestingly, Umido VR controller (compatible with Lenovo K5 Note) is also being offered at a discounted price of Rs. 299 (usually {costed|charged|listed} at Rs. 999) and ANT VR headset (designed for Lenovo) at {a cost|an amount} of Rs. 399 (usually priced at Rs. {you|one particular}, 299) as part of the sale.

Tablet {discount rates|special discounts|savings} include a Rs. 2, 001 discount on the Lenovo Tab 3 16GB (normally priced at Rs. 15, 000), and a Rs. 5, 010 discount on the Lenovo {Yoga exercise|Yoga exercises|Pilates} Tab 3 Pro 32GB.