Today i will disclose to you how to make checked records on Facebook utilizing fake government id proofs 100% working technique. take after the beneath ventures to appreciate this simple technique :-

Step 1 : Create another Facebook Account. On the off chance that u need in a la mode textual style then you can make in a la mode text style.

Step 2 : Now take an administration evidence and snap a pic of that. you can look on google additionally, sort “fake governments proofs”.

Step 3 : Now change your Facebook account name and date of birth as per Government evidence.

Step 4 : Now duplicate ” http://24255353309 ” and remark this code in your own particular Facebook profile picture.

Step 5 : After remark you will see a blunder message. Squeeze alright and Login again in your id.

Step 6 : When you will login again fb will demonstrate to you that your fb acount bolted and requesting confirmation.

” Don’t do any check ”

Simply open new tab in your program and open this connection ” “(or look on google confirm my Facebook id)

Step 7 : Now transfer your administration confirmation here.

Step 8 : After that support inbox page come. spare this page in your bookmarks. Open this page following 3-4 hour. You will see fb message that your record is confirmed.

Step 9 : Now login your record. Put your Date of birth in check and open your record.

Step 10 : GO TO ” ” and recoup your old name and date of birth from here.

Bingo Now you’re finished.

So this is it for the article How to Make Verified Accounts on Facebook, on the off chance that you have any inquiries or recommendation do tell us through your remarks underneath and we will clearly hit you up.

Facebook is a medium where everyone want to secure his/ger account this trick will work for you 🙂 your account will saved and make your privacy stronger.